More fruit and veg can make you happier!

Bushel full of organic vegetables that have been grown on a local farm or garden. The various veggies are being taken to the market to sell. These plants are growing in the spring and summer season. Homegrown produce. No people.

It has long been recognised that eating more fruit and vegetables can help against developing long term illnesses such as cancer and heart attacks .

However, now following the first major study to explore physoiological well-being, beyond the traditional findings, it has been proven that eating more fruit and vegetables does actually make you happier. And it can happen a lot quicker than you think.

The long term benefits of eating more fruit and vegetable to combat disease accrue decades after eating it, but it has been proved that the well-being improvements can be felt within two years – and levels of life satisfaction of eating this extra fruit and veg have been compared to the difference of moving to employment from unemployment.

So – no excuses everyone. Physical and now mental well being has been proven. Time to slip that extra banana into your lunchbox and an extra side of spinach for dinner.

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