The Morefresh Story so far

Portrait Of Dairy Farmer In Field With CattleHow it all started…..

Morefresh started with one man (Phil) and his milk van and has grown organically into a dairy and fresh produce delivery company serving families with fresh milk and the very best of local and regional produce.

Recognising the growing interest from customers in the origins of their food and the desire of people to support British farmers, producers and growers, Phil set out to bring back the convenience of doorstep milk deliveries to customers across the Midlands.

You wanted more (and rightly so!)

Along with milk and dairy products came the requirement for other products – quality products, that tasted great and where provenance could be assured. And so Morefresh added yoghurts, cheeses, and fruit boxes to its virtual shelves.

And today….

Delivering milk and fresh produce six days a week to over 5,000 customers, the business continues to expand its customer base and the areas it serves. It is now one of the largest independent dairy companies and serves all its customers from its depot in Birmingham.

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Morefresh started with one man and has grown into a dairy and fresh produce delivery company.

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