Organic September

The Soil Association is promoting organic produce again this September, but what is organic and why do people choose it? What is organic? Organic produce is made using natural fertilisers from plants. It uses fewer pesticides than standard produce, and

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*Special Offer* on our Free Range Eggs

Here at Morefresh, we love free range eggs. Our free range eggs are locally sourced and come from Shropshire. They come in half dozens and are available in packs of medium, large, and extra large. We know our customers love

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July 2018 – New Product List

From July 2018, we have updated our product list to include new options for our customers. The new product lists features all of your regular choices for milk, bread, eggs, potatoes, and more. It also includes new options which can

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Plastic Not So Fantastic Perhaps?

Plastic is definitely out of fashion. Supermarkets are pledging to cut their packaging products and the Government has produced it’s 25 year Environmental Plan – planning to scrap all avoidable plastic waste by 2042 – quite an ambitious target! Many

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Amended prices

As you may have read in the press and heard on the tv/radio recently, the price of food is increasing, especially dairy. Due to the reduction in the value of the pound, a lot of British milk is being turned

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Why Get Your Milk Delivered?

Those of us of a certain age will definitely remember the sounds and sights of the daily milk delivery. The electric milk float whirring up the street, the clink of bottles as they are left in the little wire bottle

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Freshly Baked Bread – Coming to a Doorstep Near You

There is nothing quite like it and Morefresh is now delivering freshly baked bread alongside your morning milk delivery. Morefresh has been actively seeking partners to expand the range of quality products we can offer our customers and we are

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More fruit and veg can make you happier!

It has long been recognised that eating more fruit and vegetables can help against developing long term illnesses such as cancer and heart attacks . However, now following the first major study to explore physoiological well-being, beyond the traditional findings, it has

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