Freshly Baked Bread

NB   Bread is available for delivery on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays only

Morefresh has teamed up with Peel & Stone, one of the finest bread bakeries in the Midlands to bring their lovingly made products to you.

A loaf of rustic artisan bread on a wooden cutting board with a knife.

Morefresh has picked a select range of some of Peel & Stone’s gorgeous bread which we can deliver to your door alongside your milk order.

About Peel & Stone

Peel&Stone_editBased in Birmingham’s famous Jewellery Quarter, Peel & Stone has quickly gained a reputation for producing quality, rustic baked goods. They bake ‘real’ bread without adding anything that is not needed. They specialise in slow leavened bread, using time honoured methods and techniques.

At the night the bakery comes alive with a team of talented bakers working to produce the bread we bring to you.

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