Milk & Cream

High fibre breakfast with bran cereal and fruiPaul Holt and his family produce all our milk for us from their farm in Bradley, Staffordshire. They also process milk from their neighbouring farms too. Our cows wander the green and pleasant fields of the north Midlands grazing on the sweetest grass and pasture for as long as possible throughout the year and we are confident this is what gives our milk its wonderful traditional taste.

We deliver milk to you in eco-friendly reusable glass milk bottles or fully recyclable 1 and 2 litre poly cartons straight from the farm.

If you are not in when we deliver to you, we can help keep it cool on your doorstep. Do leave a cool box out (with an ice pack or two) and we will pop your milk in there.

Do store your milk in the fridge if you are not planning on using it straight away, this will ensure its quality until you use it. Did you know that milk and cream can also be frozen too.

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